Santa Barbara Zoo - Condors Condor Country

Condor Life Histories

Zoo visitors who attended the California Trails opening celebration on April 25, 2009 were given arm-bands, much like the wing-bands worn by California condors. All California condors have numbered wing tags so that scientists can identify them and keep track of them. Compiled here are the life histories of the Zoo's five condors and of their ancestors -- reaching back to the last wild-born birds that flew free until the 1980s, when all of world's population of these prehistoric creatures (then numbering 24) were captured and placed into captive breeding programs.

See how the Zoo's condors are related to those critically important final 24 - and how the population has grown.

There are more than 350 of these impressive creatures alive today, with half of them flying in the wild. The others are in the captive breeding programů and just a very few are on exhibit in zoos in San Diego, Mexico and Santa Barbara.