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What You Can Do

Condor Close-upDon’t Litter

Microtrash is small bits of trash, be it bottle caps, pull tabs, broken glass, and plastic bits.

Condors don't seek trash at dumps, campgrounds, or roadsides. They find it on the mountain tops within their habitat, which are where humans like to visit.

Condors often collect microtrash and take it back to their nests – where it is regurgitated with food for their nestling.  Once ingested by a chick, the trash can obstruct its digestive tract.

Biologists are not sure why condors are drawn to microtrash, but they are taking steps  to distract these majestic birds from the habit.  

You can help by packing out your trash when you visit condor country. Zoo staff often volunteers to help clean up condor habitat. Want to help? Contact the Zoo at (805) 962-5339.

Respect Wildlife

Give wild condors – and all wildlife – lots of room. If you see a wild creature, don’t approach it. Interactions between humans and wild animals often don’t end well for either the person or the animal. Observe from a distance and respect the fact that you are in their territory, their wild home.

Volunteer to be a “Nest Monitor”

Read about the Santa Barbara Zoo’s Nest Monitor Program. Does it appeal to your sense of adventure? We’d love to have you on the team.

Make a Donation to the Santa Barbara Zoo’s California
Condor Recovery & Conservation Fund

Collaborative efforts over the past two decades have brought the California Condor back from the brink of extinction.  With more than 320 condors in existence, now, more than ever, the condor population needs your help to survive. 

When you make a gift to Santa Barbara Zoo and designate your donation to “Condor Recovery And Conservation Fund,” your donation goes towards efforts to stabilize the population so that these magnificent birds will be here for generations to come. 

Please make a donation today to ensure condors tomorrow!

More Ideas to Help Conservation Efforts

Photo credit: Estelle Sandhaus